One response to “Consultant — What’s Your Natural Approach to Problem Solving?”

  1. While I tend to focus on the rational method for solving most problems, but for other issues, I find that some issues are better addressed through a testing-and-iteration methodm, which doesn’t really fit either the rational or organic outlines.

    However, most organizations aren’t familiar or comfortable testing and iterating toward a solution, and instead prefer a more clearly outlined method (i.e., the rational method). The problem is that the rational method can often take a long time to develop and implement. Those problems aren’t necessarily present using the test-and-iterate method.

    One advantage of the test-and-iterate method is that it lets you start working on the issue in a practical way very quickly; as you work through it, you collect data, and have the data lead you to refine your approach. Having your approach backed by results makes it that much more compelling and thus makes it easier to get buy-in.

    Greg Miliates

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