2 responses to “How Much Should the Client Be Involved in Consulting Projects?”

  1. Well put, Carter. In my experience, it’s best to tell a client “Hey, I can turn-key darn near all of this, or just help you do it, but either way, when I work, you work.” The process must always be interactive or else the consultant, as you note, may produce a product that just sits on a shelf.

    When a consultant also provides training, as I do, the client needs to be told, FIRMLY, that without practice, the newly taught skills will be extinguished quickly. And while a consultant may be able to assist with practice sessions, wise consultants teach their clients how to practice on their own as well. I made a point of including a whole section on how to practice in the latest edition of “Keeping the Wolves at Bay – Media Training” for that very reason.

  2. I agree with Carter. The client must be actively engaged in the project. Knowledge transfer from the consultant to the client is an essential part of any good consulting engagement. Unfortunately, information hoarding by external consultants is rampant in the consulting industry, which is a primary root cause of many failed consulting engagements.

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