2 responses to “Types of Changes”

  1. Thank you for the “Truisms of Change”, in particular.
    The basic concepts seem to apply no matter what new technology is thrown at us (or that we curiously invite it into our lives) without an understanding yet how these changes will affect us – and at times overwhelm us too.
    Some things you can’t foresee but have to try out, which -to me- makes this field so exciting trying to manage the dynamics and impact on larger organizations. I have no idea how to fix the oil spill at hand either and am not protective of the originators for this disaster.
    What I believe is that time for reflection and open discussion is still under-valued and becomes more precious in the increasingly complex business and social environment today where “change” comes about more frequently and with broader impact. This should work to the advantage of organizations that seriously listen, learn and adapt.

  2. thank you for your well researched material. have made me to do well in my university examination

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