2 responses to “Be Careful About Proclaiming "Failed Management Movements"!”

  1. While I attempt not to be a hyperbolic consultant myself, I agree that there are some who engage in bombast for bombast’s sake on multiple topics.

    The challenge with any of the “management movements” — and with many new subjects introduced at or below the “C suite” level — is the lack of follow-up training. You can’t learn a new paradigm in a one-day (or even one-week) training session. You need hands-on experience and refresher training or the entire training exercise has been a waste of time and money. I see that all the time in organizations that have invited me to conduct media training or training in another crisis management-related topic.

  2. The field of organizational development / process improvement can’t be static. In order to remain relevant it must continue to evolve and change to meet the ongoing challenges of business.

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