Involve and Engage Your Audience 20 Ways

Not long ago I worked with an energetic, creative group who, while focusing on presentation skills, wondered how to best engage their audiences. I asked them what engagement strategies they appreciated when they were in the audience. They had plenty of ideas about engagement techniques that I think any speaker could benefit from.  These are […]

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Special Tips for Laptop Presentations

If you are presenting, odds are you are using your laptop either to walk the listeners through content in a small group, or projected on a screen to a larger group, or online when speaking with a virtual group. It’s just how we present these days. But so many people stumble over the technology, which […]

Five Key Steps to Successful Team Presentations:

Five Key Steps to Successful Team Presentations:

You may be presenting as a team to win new business, update a major project, or as part of a conference or special event. Any time you are presenting as a team, you need to take specific steps to be sure the whole team works well together to make the presentation a success. Select a […]

Five Keys to Effective Communication

Five Keys to Effective Communication

How much time do you spend each day communicating person to person? You may be solving a problem with a customer, leading your team on a project, holding a meeting, or discussing performance issues. I bet this is a huge part of your workday. Yet most of us give very little attention to what kind […]

No Problem...and Other Negative Expressions to Avoid

No Problem…and Other Negative Expressions to Avoid

How often have you heard the following phrases? No problem I can’t do that You’ll have to I’m not going to discuss that I’m not going to take up your time I’m not going to go into detail That will never work It’s a good idea, but It is so easy to fall into the […]

How to Build Trust and Engagement in your Introductions

Are you prepared to introduce yourself in a way that builds credibility and trust? If you are uneasy or uncomfortable introducing yourself, or do it poorly, your presentation, meeting or training session can get off to a bad start. Take time to plan and rehearse your openings. Guidelines: State your name clearly, maybe more than […]

Top Ten Way to Manage Interactivity in your Next Meeting

Some meetings and training sessions seem to drag because you can’t get a good discussion going. Other times, people start talking and can’t seem to stop, or arguments and conflicts devour precious time. In order to facilitate effectively, you need to know both how to get a group started, and then how to manage the […]

Set your Intentions for Effective Communication

Set your Intentions for Effective Communication

Have you ever walked into a meeting or joined in on a phone conference that went the wrong direction? Maybe it could have gone better with just a little pre-planning, specifically to set your intentions for that particular communication transaction. The power of setting your intentions before communicating is that it helps you to focus […]

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