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Involve and Engage Your Audience 20 Ways

Not long ago I worked with an energetic, creative group who, while focusing on presentation skills, wondered how to best engage their audiences. I asked them what engagement strategies they appreciated when they were in the audience. They had plenty of ideas about engagement techniques that I think any speaker could benefit from.  These are […]

Better Communication: Check Your Approach

A recent workshop discussion led to this question: what kind of communicator are you, really? What are the best practices to adopt in order to be a great communicator? The class participants thought about what kind of attitudes we sometimes bring to communication, and came up with this list of best practices. As you read […]

Best in Class Power Phrases

Best in Class Power Phrases

How you speak, and the words and phrases you use, make a huge impact in the way you are perceived on the job, as well as in everyday life. For example, every time I hear someone say, “no problem,” I cringe. Why are you even bringing up the word problem? Instead, focus on the positive […]

Five Keys to Effective Communication

Five Keys to Effective Communication

How much time do you spend each day communicating person to person? You may be solving a problem with a customer, leading your team on a project, holding a meeting, or discussing performance issues. I bet this is a huge part of your workday. Yet most of us give very little attention to what kind […]

No Problem...and Other Negative Expressions to Avoid

No Problem…and Other Negative Expressions to Avoid

How often have you heard the following phrases? No problem I can’t do that You’ll have to I’m not going to discuss that I’m not going to take up your time I’m not going to go into detail That will never work It’s a good idea, but It is so easy to fall into the […]

Set your Intentions for Effective Communication

Set your Intentions for Effective Communication

Have you ever walked into a meeting or joined in on a phone conference that went the wrong direction? Maybe it could have gone better with just a little pre-planning, specifically to set your intentions for that particular communication transaction. The power of setting your intentions before communicating is that it helps you to focus […]

When No News Isn't Good News: What You Team Members Want To Know About Change

When No News Isn’t Good News: What You Team Members Want To Know About Change

Your organization is undergoing a significant change, and your team is worried. They want to know all the details about the change. Right now. Trouble is, all the details are not yet spelled out. Plus you have been asked to wait to talk about some aspects of the  change until others have been notified. No […]

How to be Sure Your Listeners are "Getting it"

How to be Sure Your Listeners are “Getting it”

Whether you are training, leading a meeting, or giving a formal presentation, effective speaking is more than just “telling.” It is also about making sure your listeners get the message you intend. To be sure your listeners understand and remember what you have said, select from these strategies, depending on the situation and your comfort […]

How to Ace Your Next Q&A Session

Ever dread the questions that come up during your presentation? Not sure what people will ask? Not sure how to answer under pressure? Before your next big presentation, prepare yourself for Q&A. Use these tips to ensure you are calm and focused: Before the presentation: Predict what questions your audience members might ask. Consider adding […]

10 Tips for Speaking with Focus and Composure

10 Tips for Speaking with Focus and Composure

These days we all seem to be engaged in multi-tasking, running from one meeting to another without a moment’s reflection in between. There is barely a moment to catch our breath, let alone time to mentally prepare for the next meeting. It’s stressful and exhausting, especially when you need to speak or present. It should […]

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