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Involve and Engage Your Audience 20 Ways

Not long ago I worked with an energetic, creative group who, while focusing on presentation skills, wondered how to best engage their audiences. I asked them what engagement strategies they appreciated when they were in the audience. They had plenty of ideas about engagement techniques that I think any speaker could benefit from.  These are […]

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Special Tips for Laptop Presentations

If you are presenting, odds are you are using your laptop either to walk the listeners through content in a small group, or projected on a screen to a larger group, or online when speaking with a virtual group. It’s just how we present these days. But so many people stumble over the technology, which […]

Five Key Steps to Successful Team Presentations:

Five Key Steps to Successful Team Presentations:

You may be presenting as a team to win new business, update a major project, or as part of a conference or special event. Any time you are presenting as a team, you need to take specific steps to be sure the whole team works well together to make the presentation a success. Select a […]

Better Communication: Check Your Approach

A recent workshop discussion led to this question: what kind of communicator are you, really? What are the best practices to adopt in order to be a great communicator? The class participants thought about what kind of attitudes we sometimes bring to communication, and came up with this list of best practices. As you read […]

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