No Problem…and Other Negative Expressions to Avoid

How often have you heard the following phrases?

stressNo problem

I can’t do that

You’ll have to

I’m not going to discuss that

I’m not going to take up your time

I’m not going to go into detail

That will never work

It’s a good idea, but

It is so easy to fall into the habit of using negative expressions, or to say what you aren’t going to do. The problem is people would rather hear positives, and even remember them better. Using positive expressions helps you to be seen as a team player, a problem-solver, a go-to person. So let’s try turning these expressions into something more positive.


My pleasure, or you’re welcome

What I can do is, or let’s see what we can do

Would you, or would you mind

Here is what I can say

I will make this brief

I will provide a brief overview, or I will stay high-level

Let’s see how we can make this work

It’s a good idea, and…

Next time you hear one of these or other negative expressions, see if you can discover a more positive way to say it. And then try using positive expressions as often as you can.