Quick Tips for Better Body Language and Stance

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    stand and deliverPresenting? Don’t obsess over how to stand and move in order to project confidence; follow these guidelines and you will look—and feel confident when you speak.

    1. Stand tall from the ribcage; this looks confident–strong yet relaxed. Keep your head straight but not rigid.
    2. Plant your feet, weight distributed evenly between both feet and place your feet just a little apart for balance.
    3. Don’t rock, sway, or shift from foot to foot. Instead, try to balance on both feet for a position that signals confidence and control without rigidity.
    4. Stand in the center of the front of the room for your opening, move every 2-3 minutes or at the start of each new topic, then return to center for a strong close.
    5. Like to move around? Try this: move from point A to point B deliberately, then stop and plant your feet again.
    6. Stand still or move? Standing frozen in place; not good. Pacing; not good. Try to achieve a balance between stillness and movement
    7. Still not sure? Ask someone to video record your presentation (or a rehearsal) and then watch it to see if you move too much or too little.