4 responses to “20 Great Ways to Engage and Involve Your Audience”

  1. Its to easy give presentation but it is difficult to give effective presentation………..

  2. These are great tips as I refine my English Makeover seminar before I present it again. I wanted to find a variety of ways to get my audience involved, and these ideas rock!

  3. you have more then one view point of a way to involve the audience and how to get the speaker involved in the speach as much as having he audience involved in it .It is a good and smart way of making sure you don’t offend anyone in the audience with what you are want to show (prove or bring up) when you do you speach. thanks for all the help =).

  4. […] Business Communications has several more great ways to involve and engage an audience. Do you have any foolproof audience engagement strategies? Share them in the comments below.  […]

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