2 responses to “Criticism: How to Handle Negative Feedback From Your Boss”

  1. Good advice! No one likes criticism-constructive or not. If you follow the advice of removing the emotions, which is difficult to do in any tense situation, then you can better evaluate the issues at hand. All of us should look for ways to improve our performance but when you are on the receiving end of any type of criticism, it is difficult not to be defensive instead of really looking for some value in the message.

  2. How do you handle this when you know this kind of feedback is constantly occurring out of personal feeling instead of professional. My manager does not hide from anyone not just me that she does not like me so she refuses to give me positive feedback regarding any of my work no matter how good it may be. Instead she will deliberately make all my reviews very low without any specifics as to why. I have had all perfect reviews until I was promoted under her. I have never been called in the office for any negative reason telling me i have done my job wrong or missed a deadline, i have only been called in when she tells me i have a negative attitude toward her after she had completely disrespected me and tore me down in front of all my peers in our leadership meetings and I have a upset look on my face. I ask her for examples of what i have said or done wrong to her and she again just states i look at her wrong, when i ask what i need to improve per my job task she just tells me she will get back with me but has made it clear my job is in jeopardy. I have worked really hard to move up into leadership and pride myself in supervising my team but i feel that my team suffers because she refuses to recognize their accomplishments just to get back at me which is not fair due to the hard work they are putting in. How do I handle something like this. If i go to my VP she will get worse I am sure??

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