2 responses to “Who Needs A Business Plan? (You Do)”

  1. Your post does a great job of delineating the benefits of business planning.

    Yet it’s still so surprising that so many nonprofit entrepreneurs loathe the responsibility to do a business plan when required by funders. We get calls with these complaints all the time.

    In the nonprofit world, funders are starting to ask for program plans. Those plans resemble business plans, e.g., the include description of the program, verification that the program’s services indeed are even needed, verification of what outcomes will meet those needs, who the collaborators are, (sometimes even mention of who the competitors are), fee structure, etc.

    I suspect that part of the problem is that we still present “business planning” as something that is totally separate from what they’re doing already.

    Your post helps to remind us that the major benefactor of business planning is us!

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