Can a director serve two interests? – a dilemma

Xevach is a director on the board of a government trading enterprise. He also chairs the governance committee. The company has a significant geographic monopoly and owns and operates a vital piece of infrastructure in the industry. One of Xevach’s colleagues on the board, Yolanda, is a former director of a larger, competing, government trading […]

When a director knows what isn’t in the papers – a dilemma

Winsome is a director of a large listed company. She has a strong track record in M&A advisory work and is now embarking on a non-executive career. She is finding the ‘hands off’ aspects of the role quite challenging as she is instinctively and by training a detail focused manager. She has been mentoring one […]

Issues for a prospective owner director – a dilemma

Sam is an experienced manager and has worked for over twenty years in his industry. He has also sat on two not for profit boards and enjoys the governance role. Now he has an opportunity to buy an equity stake in a small business that has a product and service for which market demand is […]

How to undo the damage a board has done? – a dilemma

Peter has asked for your advice. He is a director of a not-for-profit company in the arts sector. A few months ago his organisation’s funding was increased by 40%. The board and management were ecstatic. Shortly after the funding was announced the Chairman informed the board that he had authorised a staff member to change […]

Regaining Credibility and Gaining Strategic Approval

Miriam is the Regional Managing Director for a large multi-national company. She oversees a group of companies that manufacture and sell products across the region and also export from it. One of the subsidiaries in her group is in a country that has a small market for the products and is fundamentally unprofitable. She has […]

Practical Tips for Presenting to the Board

Boardroom presentations are an important part of every senior executive’s personal and professional development. Following the 10 tips outlined below will help you to present like an experienced professional and help your board to make the best and most appropriate decisions following your presentations. It is far easier to progress your career when you are […]

How to bring about nationwide change? – a dilemma

Ingrid is a director on the board of a small listed company. The Chairman is an ‘industry veteran’ and, whilst greatly respected for his experience and knowledge is also followed by a reputation for drinking more alcohol than he can safely handle. For the past two years all has gone well and Ingrid has grown […]

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