Accountabilities, Laws and Ethics

Will beneficial ownership registers spread around the World?

Governments have become more and more focused on the risks posed by opaque and confidential corporate structures. In particular the ability of a certain type of person to use such structures to hide the true ownership and origin of funds, thereby facilitating tax evasion and money laundering. Most bodies set up to tackle these issues […]

How to explain corporate governance shortcomings

One of the enduring adages of corporate governance is that it is a philosophy and not a tick box exercise. Company secretaries and corporate governance experts can often be heard stating this line and, like many clichés, it is often repeated because it’s true. A company can fulfil all the requirements of its relevant code(s) […]

How to handle the do-it-all founder?

Herman has been invited to join the board of a not-for-profit organisation that provides specialist education and training for the non-profit sector. The invitation was extended to him by the CEO who is also the founder and the principal deliverer of services. Due diligence shows that the company is profitable (making a small but comfortable […]

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