Purpose of this Board Blog

This blog helps you improve your Board of Directors by providing articles, opinions, commentary and many related resources.  The blog is for a general audience, including beginners and those advanced in Boards.

The benefits of an effective Board of Directors are many, including that it ensures:

  1. Strategic decisions for the good of the organization and its owners.
  2. Relevant and realistic strategic planning with clear purpose and priorities for the organization.
  3. Effective supervision of the Chief Executive Officer, including hiring, delegation and performance management.
  4. Sufficiently resourced organization, with the most appropriate leadership and levels of funding.
  5. Full compliance to rules and regulations for corporations, whether for-profit or nonprofit.
  6. Strong, credible relationships with stakeholders, including investors and funders.

Examples of Topics (or Categories) Relevant to this Blog

You can understand even more about the focus of this blog by looking at examples of various related topics (or categories) that this blog might write about.  The following list includes examples of related topics as does the list of Related Library Topics in the sidebar.  There may be other related topics, as well.

  • Basics and Overviews
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Recurring Board Activities
  • Accountabilities, Ethics and Laws
  • Board Membership
  • Board Meetings
  • Board Committees
  • Board Evaluations
  • Board Training and Development.

Here’s a more detailed list of topics.

As posts are published, they will be organized into those or other related categories.  Categories that have posts published to them will be listed in the sidebar in Categories of Posts.  Readers can click on a category and see the posts in that category.

About Us, the Co-Hosts of this Blog

We’re Carter McNamara, Julie Garland-McLellan and Nick Lindsay, the co-hosts of this blog. You can read more about us next to our pictures on the right side of each page in the blog.  We plan to publish about various aspects of Boards, and will focus especially on practical tips and tools.  These posts will include posts from guest writers, as well.

How to Use the Library’s Blogs

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If You’re Interested In Hosting a Blog for the Library

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