The 10 Best Always-Free CRM Software for Small Businesses

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    Managing a relationship with a customer requires far more than just remembering birthdays and previous purchases. The right CRM software can handle all the details and dates, leaving your sales agents free to focus on developing leads and making sales.

    While free CRMs can be useful when you’re just starting out, they’re very limited in the features that are offered. Instead, most businesses will benefit from a CRM that has a free trial and is affordable afterward but is loaded with features so that it can scale with you. You can try Monday Projects free forever and you can unlock the features most businesses need for as little as $8 per month. Get started for free.

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    Free Seats

    Pay Plan Availability

    Leads Management




    Starting at $11.99/user per month

    Landing pages, lead scoring, deal segmentation and milestones, task reminders

    Form builder, customer segmentation, auto-responders

    Help docs and videos, email and chat support


    Starting at $45/month

    Email templates and tracking, landing pages, web forms, some limited calling

    Automated contacts and responses, chatbots for lead generation, ticket pipelines

    Community support


    Starting at $39/user per month

    Custom info fields, social media management, build and host website, unlimited contacts

    Limited automation options

    Help docs and chat support


    Starting at $14/user per month

    Track website traffic, web forms, templates for email marketing, sale analytics

    5 custom workflow automations

    Support docs, email and community support


    Starting at $15/user per month

    Chatbots for website, customizable contact lifecycle, contact timeline, make calls from app

    Few automation features, including chatbots

    Phone, chat, and email support 24×5


    Starting at $8.99/user per month

    Lead scoring, email tracking, contact profiles, landing pages

    Limited automation triggers, limited API calls

    Support docs, training sessions, email support


    Starting at $30/user per month

    Limited lead scoring, web forms, custom sales pipelines, email campaigns

    Autoresponders, workflows and pipelines

    Support docs, chat, email and phone support


    Starting at $14/user per month

    Sales pipeline management, lead scoring, sales management

    Task and event reminders

    Support docs, webinars, email support


    Starting at $24/user per month with other apps

    Lead scoring, live website chat, sales pipeline management

    Auto-assign leads, import lead info, other limited automation features

    Support docs and tutorials, trouble tickets



    Client database, sales pipeline, set and assign tasks, correspondence history

    Notifications and basic automation

    Support docs

    Quick Verdict

    Best Overall – Engagebay. There is no question Engagebay offers the best CRM software for free, leaving the competition behind in terms of lead management, automation, and support.

    The Best Free CRM Software for Small Businesses

    Find the best free CRM option for your small business.

    EngageBay logo


    Paid at $11.99


    Like most free CRM software, Engagebay’s free offering comes with limits on a number of factors, like branded emails, email sequences, landing pages, and so forth. Despite those limits, Engagebay offers everything you need from a CRM platform to successfully run your business. At the top of that list are a number of marketing and sales automation features, like lead scoring and reports.

    There are also a few basic third-party integrations that are helpful, such as Gmail and MS Office.

    • Email tracking.
    • Email template builder.
    • Basic social media support.
    • Limited third-party integrations.
    HubSpot logo

    HubSpot CRM

    Paid at $45


    HubSpot CRM comes in a free-forever version, with a healthy amount of features to help you manage sales leads. Unlike many free CRM software options, HubSpot allows you to sign up unlimited users. You can even place calls through HubSpot, though you’re limited in minutes. Features are divided among a sales, service, and marketing hub. 

    If you’re impressed enough by HubSpot, there are a number of pay plans available that add even more tools. We consider it one of the best CRM systems for small business.

    • Sale metrics reports.
    • Up to 1 million contacts.
    • Place calls directly out of the mobile app.
    • Many limited features.
    Bitrix24 logo


    Paid at $39


    Using free CRM software is going to involve some degree of trade-off and finding the option that includes the features you need in the free version. In the case of Bitrix24, you can sign up unlimited users for your business. However, you’ll likely be limited in terms of automation features. There is an API and a number of third-party apps that are integrated, so CRM users may find ways around that limit.

    You can also connect to the most popular social media platforms and put together a mini social network for your employees.

    • One-click video calling.
    • Company social network.
    • Host your product catalog.
    • Free version missing some key features.
    Zoho CRM logo

    Zoho Free CRM

    Paid at $14


    The free CRM software from Zoho is basically a free trial of Zoho CRM, only without a time limit. The free features are useful and include the ability to create web forms, limited use of email templates, and some team collaboration tools, among other things. It’s one of the best CRM for e-commerce with inventory management and customer segmentation. There are a few features from a Zoho CRM paid plan, like lead scoring, that you might miss.

    • Unlimited contacts.
    • Email opt-out.
    • Customizable views.
    • The free version is missing some of the most useful features from Zoho CRM’s paid plans.
    Freshworks logo


    Paid at $15


    Following the example of other CRM companies, Freshworks offers a version of its Freshsales app as a free CRM software. Probably the most attractive aspect is that you can sign up unlimited users. Other than that, the free plan offers all the basic tools you’ll need like contact and account management, and calling through the mobile app.

    • Notifications for follow-up tasks and important dates.
    • Chatbots direct leads to correct team members.
    • Unlimited mobile app w/ voice notes, maps, and Uber booking service.
    • No integration w/free version.
    Agile CRM logo

    Agile CRM

    Paid at $8.99


    Agile CRM is one of a range of tools offered by the same company. The free CRM software has most of the CRM tools you’re looking for, like a landing page builder and appointment scheduling, but on a limited basis. 

    The website options make it useful for ecommerce. It allows a number of users for free, enough to run a small team. But the most important limit may be on managing contacts, which tops out at 1000 profiles.

    • Unlimited deals, tasks, and documents.
    • ‘Campaign’ automated workflows.
    • Web rules automate customer website experience.
    • Free version limited to 1000 contacts.
    Vtiger logo


    Paid at $30


    Vtiger’s free CRM software is part of their effort to help businesses recover from epidemic setbacks. The free plan offers a bunch of basic tools for lead generation like web forms and leads scoring, but it is limited usually to 1000 or so instances. Contact management is also limited, though to 3000 contacts. 

    That said, as Vtiger says, it might be a great option for a small team looking to build. 

    • Offered as part of ReBoot epidemic recovery program.
    • ‘Oneview’ summarizes contact info.
    • Customer consents and other paperwork.
    • Lots of limits on features.
    Really Simple Systems CRM logo

    Really Simple Systems CRM

    Paid at $14


    As is a common theme with free CRM software, this free version of Really Simple Systems CRM system is similar to a free trial without an end date. It includes some features hard to find elsewhere, such as unlimited custom data fields. While you can have an unlimited number of contacts, company customer data is capped at 100 profiles. 

    Despite that, the free plan offers several tools helpful to businesses serving other businesses, including marketing tools and, in another rare find, customer service tools and support features.

    • One page summary of contact profile.
    • Unlimited contacts.
    • Unlimited custom fields, lists, and more.
    • Limited free seats.
    Odoo logo


    Paid at $24


    Odoo’s free CRM software is the same that they offer at a cost. However, if you want to add any of Odoo’s several dozen other useful business apps, you’ll have to start paying both for that and the CRM app. That setup does mean you won’t have to worry about topping out on free features.

    You’ll find just about everything a sales team needs to generate leads and manage customer relationships. However, if you want help with other aspects of a deal, you’ll need to get another Odoo app and pay fees.

    • Complete Odoo CRM app.
    • Call-to-actions and other lead-generating tools.
    • Access to a long list of other apps.
    • Only remains free if you don’t use other apps.
    Friday crm logo

    Friday CRM

    No paid plan


    For years, Google has been adding to their list of apps providing personal and business services. While Friday isn’t a Google product, it’s meant to add a CRM platform to that list, intended specifically to integrate with the GSuite. In fact, you can get a small discount for GSuite through Friday.

    While this list might have expanded your idea of what’s possible with a free solution for a CRM system, Friday is fairly limited. It’s similar to an expanded address book with some sales tools added. However, many small businesses may find it provides everything they need, particularly if they have modest needs in regards to good CRM software.

    • Web-based CRM service.
    • API to create integrations and more.
    • Customize client profiles.
    • Missing some helpful sales tools.

    Choosing the Best Free CRM for a Small Business

    The best free CRM software may seem like an oxymoron. However, as can be seen in our list, you can get a lot of features for little cost. Make sure you’re prioritizing the features important to your business.

    Lead Management

    Customer relationship management (CRM) software is meant to help you focus on your time where it will be most beneficial, as well as handling basic contact management. Free CRM options often limit the contact records you can store, which can put a limit on your ability to manage customer relationships.

    There are free versions of CRM software that offer unlimited contacts, however. Whether that’s a priority may depend on your customer management needs.

    Team Management

    You may not be directly handling customer relationships, instead managing customer service teams. There are free CRM systems with the features you’re looking for, including assigning tasks to CRM users and other aspects of project management.


    Marketing tools are often vital to CRM, as it’s techniques like email marketing, ad management, web to lead forms, and other tools for sales that create new leads. Marketing automation can come at a premium, however, and may be hard to find in a free plan. 

    Transaction Management

    Something that may get left out of the average free CRM plan is deal management. It is possible to find some that offer tools to help with the sales process, including sales pipelines and workflow automation to keep things moving and bring neglected leads to your attention.


    Reports are one of the most important tools in project management, helping to pinpoint problems and opportunities. Most free CRMs come with some limited reporting, including website visitor tracking and conversion statistics. However, if you’re looking for complete reporting tools, you’ll usually need to look beyond the free plan.

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    Final Thoughts on Best Free CRM

    As long as you’re able to work within certain limits, or find just the features you need, you can get a great CRM service for absolutely free. While the options on our list are the best we found, there are many other possibilities out there, one of which may be the perfect fit for your small business.