To Get Help Using the Library

This section is about requests for help specifically in regard to using the Library system. We are not staffed to provide consultation regarding the content of various articles and about issues and goals in your organization.

The Library is managed by a group of part-time volunteer administrators. Thus, response time to your requests for help might take up to a few days.

Therefore, if you need help in making the most of your use of the Library, we suggest the following, depending on the nature of your need:

  1. If your question is about using the Library, read How to Use It.
  2. If your question is about finding a certain topic in the Library, use the Diagnostics and "Search" in the sidebar. Also, scan the Broad Categories or the Specific Topics.
  3. If your question is about finding additional information about a certain topic, review the "Related Library Topics" and "Related Books" referenced on that topic's page.
  4. If your question is about adding information to the Library, read Community Rules and How to Add to the Library.
  5. If your question is about using materials from the Library, read Copyright, Reprint.
  6. If your question is about how to apply certain topics in your life and work, consider the many sources of assistance in section "General Info" referenced from the sidebar.

For any other questions, send email directly to Library adminstrators by using the appropriate form in the section "Contact Us" referenced from the sidebar. Thank you!

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