15 Quick Tips for Delivering Slides and Visual Aids

Slide shows getting boring? Next time you get ready to deliver a presentation using slides, review this list and commit to delivering your slides with impact. Decide if a slideshow is really needed. If it adds value to the audience, use it. If you are using it as a crutch, skip it. Don’t just tell. […]

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10 Super-Quick Tips to Design Better Slides

Next time you open PowerPoint to create a slide deck for a meeting or presentation, remember these super-quick tips to ensure better-looking, better-functioning slides that add visual value to your talk. Highlight key words by bolding, not by underlining. Avoid Random Caps, ALL CAPS, and inconsistencies in capitalization. Stamp out ugly “bumper sticker” boxes. Soften […]

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Face it; Your Face is Showing: How to Manage Your Facial Expression When You Speak

There was Mary, with a goofy smile on her face, telling her audience about a serious situation they were going to be facing. They had a hard time buying it. There stood Frank, welcoming new customer to a plant tour, with a sour, grim facial expression. They didn’t feel the vibe. Do facial expressions matter? […]

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