Communication During a Crisis

An accident happens in one of your plants. Your firm’s product is found faulty. A disgruntled employee brings a lawsuit against your firm. Suddenly, all eyes are on you, from the press to the public to your organization’s people. As a leader, how do you think clearly and communicate professionally and correctly under the gun? […]

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10 Quick Tips for Better Voice Habits

1. Listen to your outgoing phone messages for a few days. How are your vocal habits and voice quality? These are habits you can practice every day. 2. For better projection, open your mouth wider, so that you can articulate each word clearly. This helps with both volume and enunciation. 3. To reduce vocal stress, […]

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15 Quick Tips for Delivering Slides and Visual Aids

Slide shows getting boring? Next time you get ready to deliver a presentation using slides, review this list and commit to delivering your slides with impact. Decide if a slideshow is really needed. If it adds value to the audience, use it. If you are using it as a crutch, skip it. Don’t just tell. […]

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