How to Foster Communication that is Honest, Clear and Direct

How are you at speaking directly and clearly? Some of us like to “sugar coat” the truth so we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Others are “too blunt” to the point of harshness. If you fall in one camp or the other, finding a balanced approach might be a better way to go. Pay attention to […]

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Closing your Meeting or Presentation with Finesse

“Well, I guess that’s about all I have.” “Well, I guess we are out of time.” “That’s about it.” How do you close your meetings and presentations? Hopefully not like these endings, which are common enough, but entirely ineffective. Closing your presentation can be challenging, especially if you have run out of time, taken a number […]

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How to Build Trust and Engagement in your Introductions

Are you prepared to introduce yourself in a way that builds credibility and trust? If you are uneasy or uncomfortable introducing yourself, or do it poorly, your presentation, meeting or training session can get off to a bad start. Take time to plan and rehearse your openings. Guidelines: State your name clearly, maybe more than […]

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