Welcome to the Library’s Many Blogs! (They’re listed to the right on this page)

Purpose of the Blogs (The Blogs are Listed on the Right Side Bar)

Since 1995, the Free Management Library has provided one of
the world’s largest collections of well-organized, free resources
about personal, professional and organizational development.  The
Library is developed and provided by Authenticity Consulting,
LLC.  Resources include free, online articles and also blogs about various Library topics.  In the blogs, you can learn more by reading various postings and by sharing your commentary, questions and resources among other blog readers.  In keeping with the highly practical nature of the content in the Library, the blogs focus primarily on models, tools and tips, rather than highly theoretical matters.

How the Blogs Work

Each blog is hosted by an expert in the topic that blog is about.  The host aims to publish an article (a post) at least once a week, including posts from guest writers.  We encourage you to be a guest writer, as well – that is a great way to get a lot of visibility to yourself and your work.  As a reader, you are also encouraged to share your commentary about posts, including your advice, questions, agreements, disagreements and suggestions of additional resources.  You do not need to subscribe or register to take part in the blogs.

Many Features of the Blogs

  • Numerous blogs to read — The list of Library’s blogs is in the sidebar of each blog.
  • Can comment on posts — Feel free to share a comment about a post in a blog.  Just click on the link “Leave a response” under the post in the body of a blog.
  • RSS and email to get new posts — You can use RSS or email to get copied on any new posts in a blog.  Go to To Subscribe under the header to select RSS subscription or email subscription to updates.
  • Email notification of new comments — You can also use email to get notified when there are new comments to a post.  When you click on “Leave a response” under the post, check the box to be notified of any follow-up comments.
  • Twitter and Facebook to be notified of new posts — You can also use Twitter to get Tweets about new posts, and you can use Facebook to get Fan updates about new posts.  Use the “t” and “f” buttons on the top of each page in the blog.
  • Be a guest writer — You can get a lot of visibility to your work by being a guest writer.  Many of the Library’s topics consistently rank in the top 10 of Google search results.  Go to Guest Writer Submissions under the header.
  • Many Related Library Topics — See the many Related Library Topics listed on the sidebar of a blog.  They contain 100s of free online, articles related to the topic of this blog.
  • Search Library and blogs — Search for any topics you’re interested in.  Use the Search box at the top of the header of a blog.
  • Can resize the text — If larger text would make it easier for you to read, then click on the 3 “A”s under the header until the text is easier for you to read.

Need Help with Business? Leadership? Management?

One of the most important requirements for personal, professional and organizational development is to be able to ask for help.

Just pick the blog, or topic, to the right and ask your question. You can click on “Leave a response” and ask your question. Don’t be shy!

If You’re Interested In Hosting a Blog for the Library

Just click on Contact Us at the bottom of each page and share your idea, including the topic that you would like to blog about.  You would need to commit to publishing a post at least twice a week for at least six months.  In return, you would get tremendous visibility to you and your writing.  You would retain copyright of your writing – see the Copyright in the footer on each page.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, using the Contact Us link at the bottom of each page in any of the Library’s blogs.

Please Read Policies

Before using any of the Library’s blogs, please take a few minutes now to read about the policies.  Go to Policies under the header.

NOTE: This page is the “home page” of the Library’s blogs listed on the right side of this page.  This page is not an active blog.


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